About Me & Us

This blog site is called, “the traveling head case,” because of me, Chris, and my brain, which doesn’t have a name other than, “brain.”  Due to many concussions, my brain does not function well and therefore I can be a headcase.  Hence the title of the blog.

There are a few things that my brain and I like to do and they are as follows: running with my wife, snowboarding/skiing with my wife and traveling with my wife.

I sometimes enjoy sharing our adventures with others through the medium of writing.  In the past I have only shared these writings with close friends and family members, but I have decided to expand the potential sharing of these adventures in the hope that they might inspire others or at least make them chuckle.

My wife, hereafter known as M, purposely to be confused with the James Bond character, is the reason I am able to participate in and share these adventures.  She is not only the greatest CPA of our time, she is a fabulous chef, defeats Type I diabetes everyday, is a great runner, up and coming skier, outstanding logistician, bad brain day speech translator, and exceedingly, abundantly more than I could have imagined.  She also made this website, so any praise of it should go to her.