4/29/13 – Perfect Day

There are not an over-abundance of perfect days.  One might come across one every now and then, but certainly not so often as to be able to call them commonplace.  Some perfect days are obvious, like getting married, or winning a game.  Some are more subtle.  In fact one could miss them if they were not paying attention.  Today was of the latter sort.  We got up early as per usual and exercised.  Today was different though because M had found a new route on which to run, or in my case walk.  It was quite nice to have some different scenery to view as the bike path through Princeville, though excellent, can get old after a time.  This particular road led us by a different golf course and through a neighborhood that contained some what I shall call more “normal” housing.  Once through that neighborhood however the housing changed again back to beyond most people’s means. Those houses do make one dream as they seem to be perfect in every way.  Architecturally beautiful, well thought out and in the most spectacular location, location, location.  Of course it is beneath them to have any pricing or info on the “For Sale” signs, but if one has to ask, one most certainly cannot afford.

After breaking our fast we made our way back down to Hanalei for our daily sun therapy at the beach.  We had decided to try Stand-Up Paddle boarding on our trip and were eager to find some place that rented the gigantic boards and paddles.  For those not familiar, Stand-Up Paddle boarding, or SUP, burst on to the scene probably 10-15 years ago and is one of the fastest growing outdoor pursuits in the world.  This is mainly due to its ease and the fact that it can be practiced on basically any body of water, including ocean, lake, river, etc.  Essentially one just stands on a board that looks like a surf board only much bigger.  A paddle is then used to propel the board, and hopefully the standee, along on their chosen body of water.  Anyway, M thought this would be safer for me since I am no longer allowed to surf due to contractual obligations.  We quickly chose a place in town that rented SUP boards and just as quickly left said place after ascertaining it would be $90 for us to try out this sport.  In the end this was fine as it was a perfect day at the beach.

We got to the beach a little before 10 with the skies overcast and the temperature at a balmy 78.  It was like we were being given time to warm up and get used to the beach before the sun came out in earnest.  The water was much calmer today and allowed for excellent swimming conditions.  I wore myself out swimming quite a ways down to some buoys which were being used for life guard training and then swimming back.  Luckily when I got tired I could just put my feet down and stand up to rest for a bit. 

After about 3 hours we decided that was enough and ventured back to the condo where quite a bit of food was made to vanish rather quickly.  Now we are enjoying catching up on whatever has happened in the real world and reading and resting.  A perfect day.  Subtle, but perfect.