12/12/13 – A Walk in the Woods

Away down the road we drove,
To Meadows in the Sky.
Out of the car for some snowshoeing
Ourselves we did hove.

A closed parkway road,
We were blessed to find.
A beautiful path, breaking
Trail to unwind.

Onward and upward,
On a gentle twisting grade.
Through the deep,
Our trek was made.

Taking turns breaking trail,
with Moose at head and tail.
Cedars and conifers,
Tall sentinels by our side.

We trudged on,
Through the quiet and still.
At an hour we stopped,
Snacks needed to fill.

It was time to return,
Our legs full of burn.
Downhill we went,
To car hell bent.

Moose pulling the way,
Too fast for our legs.
Much to our dismay,
Energy’s last dregs.

To the car,
We did safely arrive.
To return home,
luckily a short drive.

I know this poem is filled with random rhyme and meter, but that is because I know squat about poetry.  Please forgive the errors as I just wanted to do something different and give a little shout out to Robert Frost, aptly named.