8/18/15 – The Bridge!

Today we took a nice easy run (only 1700 feet of gain in 2.5 miles!) up to Furi to check out the swinging bridge which you can see in one of the pictures below. The bridge is about 100 yards long and about 200 feet above the gorge. The actual part you walk on is about 18 inches wide but there are some nice steel cables to hang on to as you venture across. This was unfortunately a bridge too far for M.  I felt awful for her as she tried to give it a go but just couldn’t do it and had to go around over a real bridge. I am not afraid of heights, but I will tell you that this bridge crossing was terrifying and thus no one can be faulted for not wanting to cross it. I am sure it has defeated many a foe.

The other pictures are a view of Zermatt from Furi and a little view of the trail which runs right through umm… an older part of town.

The mountains above us are supposed to get 18 inches of snow tonight, so hopefully the weather will clear up in the next couple of days and we will get good pictures.

Tonight we venture out to try some Swiss food. I hope to have a good report about that tomorrow.

The Bridge – ARE YOU KIDDING ME???
Looking at Zermatt
Just a little trail…