7/12/16 – Made It!

We successfully made it to France! The trip over was fine with no delays or hiccups, although our flight attendant was rather difficult to communicate with even though she was American. All we wanted was a bowl for cereal, but after about 2 minutes of trying to get that message across, we gave up.

As some of you know and have experienced, the most difficult part of coming across the pond is staying awake once you get to where you are going so that you can get on a regular schedule. Being able to sleep on the plane does help some, but the adjustment is still, for current lack of a better term, tiresome. Failing at keeping my eyes open is the main reason this email is and will be short.

It is spectacularly beautiful here in Chamonix, and that is coming from someone who lives in an area with its own share of beauty. I’ll try and be more descriptive later when I am awake. For now, please enjoy a few pictures.

Au Revoir from Chamonix, France.

Can’t wait to see these in clear weather!
Cloudy Mont Blanc
In the rain, trying to stay awake with a tour around town