7/20/16 – Gite le Moulin to Chamonix

Seventh and last day on the TMB trail notes.
Gite le Moulin France to Chamonix, France.

Gite le Moulin sits just north of Argentiere, France which is just north of Chamonix which is where we began this adventure.

There is a lovely river trail that runs the entire length of the Chamonix valley following the Arve river. It is relatively flat and very well shaded. We began this part of the day’s trek with a nice walk after having a bigger breakfast. About 30 minutes in we began to run and felt quite good despite our aches and pains.

In under 2 hours we reached our original starting point and stopped our watches for the last time on this journey.

No those are not real people and yes that is an incredible painting on the side of a building in Cham. I am sure there are many famous people in the painting, but the one I thought I recognized was top right window on the left side of the balcony who I believe is Thomas Jefferson.

After 110 miles and 30,000 feet of vertical gain for the week M and I both felt we had achieved one of our greatest achievements yet. It was an amazing journey that seemed to end much faster than we expected. Thank you all for your support and for reading along during our trip.

Here are some more pictures…

Climbing up out of Trient
The cows in Switzerland are better than any cows anywhere else!
Near Refuge Bertone outside of Courmayeur
Mont Blanc, from Chamonix, on the morning we left
Top of Col du Bonhomme