8/15/17 – TRR Day 1

These emails will probably be few and far between due to lack of interweb and the fatigue of the author. Here is a brief update on our first day.

Stage 1 of 6 began in Buena Vista. We ran on a combination of fire roads, dirt roads and single track trail. The weather could not have been better as there were blue skies and the temperature was at most about 70 degrees. The stage was 21 miles long with not much climbing.

M and I both ran well and felt good at the end of the stage.

Tomorrow’s stage is a little more to our liking as it simply goes straight up Hope Pass and then down the other side and is only about 14 miles long. We start in an old mining town called Vicksburg and finish around the Twin Lakes area just outside Leadville.

Reporting from a small cabin in the Arrowhead Point Campground, this is your trainer saying, “Goodnight”.