Checking in.

It’s has been a few days since I have communicated with all of you back on earth so I decided to let you know what we’ve been up to.

Today was a non-running day which means we go grocery shopping and then try not to eat today everything we bought to last for the next few days.  We tend to be very hungry on these off days which means we end up eating lots of chips and cookies and other things that are not very healthy. Good thing we will be out running for hours tomorrow.

M testing the ladder.


Look closely and you will see the chain across the rock face and the continuation of the trail. 

We had a little trial and error this week as we met a trail that I did not feel comfortable attempting.  Despite M’s determination, we turned around and will try this trail another day.  As you can see in the above photos, it was an adventuresome trail to say the least!

We plan on running over into Switzerland again tomorrow by a more circuitous route that will allow us to get in some more miles and see some new trails. Hopefully it will provide ample opportunity for pictures as well.

Biggest Ibex we’ve seen yet!

I need to make a correction from earlier blogs.  The animals we have been seeing the most are called Ibex and are not called goats though they are of the same family. We saw this guy the other day and fortunately they are not shy and always available for photos.  We have also seen one Chamois, but we’re unable to get a photo.  Maybe next time.

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  1. A Chamois … is that what they make Sham-Wows out of? 🙂 Peanut butter, chili powder, toothpicks, and gluten free oatmeal packed. Can’t wait to see you two soon!

    1. Hmm… I think France would’ve laughed the Sham-Wow guys out of the country! Can’t wait to see you too. The vanilla éclairs from the bakery are spectacular! I had to spend 10 euros there to use a credit card, so I stalked up on all sorts of things!

      1. M meant to say stocked not stalked although at this point that works too. And I think the Idea of the Chamois cloth comes from the look of the fur on the Chamois.

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