Serious Snow

We had seen weather reports before coming that there would be a lot of snow while we were here in Argentière.  We planned ahead and got most of the runs we wanted to do out of the way early just in case the snow arrived in full force.

We were beginning to think it wasn’t really going to snow that much as temperatures have been in the mid to upper thirties, and the snow has been light so far. There has even been quite a lot of rain.

As of this morning, there is evidently still not a drop of snow down the valley in Chamonix.  Things have changed here in Argentière however.

12” and still snowing.

It has been snowing all night and so far about a foot has fallen, although it’s hard to tell from the picture.

We made our way up to Le Tour this morning because we had heard that it was much snowier than anywhere else.  Le Tour is only about 2 miles up the road and maybe 500 feet higher than Argentière.  We were told it is the snowiest village in France.  We do not have any means of verifying that, but judging by what we saw this morning, it would be hard to argue.

Le Tour!

At least two feet has fallen on Le Tour since Saturday night, and it is still snowing.

Since we lived here this past summer, we knew that French roads are not known for their width.  Yes that could be the understatement of the year.  Add a few feet of snow and some snow plows and things get interesting.  Adding some aggressive French drivers to the mix is like adding jalapeños to your hot sauce.  Things get spicy!

Serious uniformity!

We do not have any other plans until later in the day and can therefore avoid the roads for the time being.  Fortunately we have popcorn and Netflix to keep us occupied.