4/25/13 – More Sun

We have now mostly completed our day here in Kauai and it has been spectacular.  I am going to try and attach a couple of pictures to this email, but we will see if that actually happens.  We began the day with a nice 4 mile walk, some of which was in the rain.  Unlike back home, this rain just felt nice and added to the ambiance and had stopped after about 10 minutes.  Being the attentive athletes we are, we of course stretched after doing various push-ups and core work.  This is interesting because we had an audience.  Two geese decided that we must have been giving an abs and stretching class. They joined us, however they mostly bathed and made funny noises and did no push-ups or abs.  They got to within 2 feet of us and we decided that was close enough and shooed them a little further away.  Later as M went out to look over the cliff, one of the geese gave chase until M turned around and said, “Stop it!,” which oddly enough it did.

We made it to the beach about 10 and the weather could not have been better.  80 and sunny with a breeze.  I am sure we racked up some serious vitamin D.  The surf was rather large today, averaging about 5-6 feet with some waves up to 8 feet.  The lifeguards were making people get out of the water due to serious rip tides.  I only got in up to my thighs because the current was just too strong at the point on the beach were we had set up.  The waves did make for some good surfing for those good enough to be out there and M and I really enjoy watching the surfers ply their craft.  We appreciate their efforts as we know how hard it is just to stand up on the board much less make it turn or in some cases fly out of the water and do a spin.

This afternoon we went to the Kilauea fish market and got some fresh ahi and ono for dinner which we are very much looking forward to.  We also went down to the beach that is below our condo.  The only way to describe the trail to get down there is to say that a wall might be less steep.  Luckily some enterprising souls have tied ropes in various places on the trail and these help a lot in going down as well as coming back up.  Hopefully I will be able to attach some pictures of this particular beach as it is fairly spectacular.