4/26/13 – The Condo

Today began with an adventurous hike up one of the inland mountains here on Kauai.  It began easily enough for us hearty mountain folk, but soon became quite treacherous with seriously slick mud and very steep terrain.  Lucky it wasn’t raining or the trail would have been more useful as a muddy slip-n-slide.  M and I reached a point where it appeared the trail ended.  At least it appeared that way until we noticed the rope that is supposed to be used in order to get down the 12 foot cliff to where the trail took off again.  M and I decided that was a bridge (or rope) too far and turned around at that point.  We had M’s GPS watch and we noted that we went from an altitude of 93 feet to 1350 feet in 1.75 miles.  We had great views of most of Kauai.  The only part we couldn’t see was the far southern end of the island.

This afternoon we went back to the beach and both of us are now officially burnt.  At least for now that is ok as we came here fully intending to soak up lots of sun and hopefully vitamin D, since there has not been much of that going on in Summit just yet.

I thought I would include a couple of condo pictures so you get an idea of how nice the place is.  It is on the bottom floor of a condo building with another 2 floors above.  We really like it because the sun doesn’t come straight in and our patio area is shaded, yet we can look out and see and hear the water.  I also just found out (by the dropping of eaves) that the particular condo we are in is for sale.  I am not sure of the price but I think I heard it was about $1M, so just out of my pocket change range.  If we had the means it would definitely be on our list!