4/27/13 – Lazy Days

Today was a lazy day but it was not without some productivity.  We started with some fairly vigorous exercise and then our usual leisurely breakfast.  For the first time in many years of coming here we finally made it down to the Hanalei farmer’s market.  The place was packed and parking was hard to find even though we got there about 10 and it had just opened at 9:30.  There were mostly white folk selling stuff and not as many natives as I expected.  I think though that transplants out number natives up here on the North Shore.  This lack of natives did not detract from the many excellent wares for sale.  As usual, although this still baffles me, there were just as many crafts for sale as there were foodstuffs.  I have noticed this at every single farmer’s market we have ever attended.  Nevertheless this farmer’s market did not disappoint.  There were many fresh veggies and fruits and more importantly, Island Sol bakery which makes lots of really good gluten free foods.  We bought a couple of pizza crusts and some gluten free cookies from them along with veggies and fruits from other vendors.

We decided that we were tired and needed a break from the beach so we came home and got ready to go in to Kapaa in the afternoon for more shopping.  For some unknown reason our favorite ice cream store, Tropical Dreams Ice Cream, has moved to Kapaa.  As we needed regular grocery items from Safeway which is next to Tropical Dreams, we decided this was the time to get our ice cream fix.  M had Kona coffee in a waffle cone and I of course had chocolate fudge gelato in a cup as I have never mastered the intricacies of eating out of the cone.  Papaya’s is also located in the same shopping center and they too sell Island Sol bakery products so I stocked up on cookies for the rest of the trip.

On our way home we stopped at Kilauea Fish Market and got some more Ono steaks for dinner tonight.  I think we are getting enough Omega 3’s while we are here from eating fish every night.

We hope to head down to the south and western shores tomorrow for some sightseeing and just to visit a part of the island we have not seen.  That is all for today, Aloha!