4/30/15 – Thursday in Kauai

 I decided to add the little video attachment this time to give those of you wondering an idea of what the garden and walkway to the house are really like.  For those using Google Earth to look at the place, I really don’t know what it shows because I haven’t looked at it.  The house has a green tiled roof with white walls and is certainly longer and narrower than it is wide.  It is however quite large.  Certainly large enough for 2 people!  Hopefully the video gives a view of some of the flowers and plants and statuary so that some of you experts can correct my technical/scientific names of the flowers.

M and I are enjoying ourselves tremendously.  We managed to make it over to the Kilauea fish market last night where M had grilled Ono and I had grilled Ahi, both with salad and brown rice.  Some of you reading this have been to the Kilauea fish market before and so will be familiar with its minimal outdoor seating, wandering dogs and true locals feel.  Since the last time we were here 2 years ago the market has upgraded its seating area with marble-like tables and better chairs.  None of this was really important, but it is a nice addition. The food is still quite simple and all the better for it.  As usual M and I thoroughly enjoyed our meal and will try and make it back before we leave.

Today began with another warm run, but this time we really went out on a limb and chose to go left first out of our street instead of right.  For those of you not familiar with Princeville, it has exactly 1 main road and 1 bike/walking path so running options are limited.  We did manage to add a nice little hill that we knew about down near the St. Regis and that provided some needed variety. Tomorrow we hope to truly have an adventure and try a bit of a run on the Na Pali coast.  We also hope to be able to take some pictures during the run and I will add those if we are able.

After another leisurely breakfast we moseyed down to the beach at Hanalei Bay again today.  There are other extraordinary beaches nearby but Hanalei Bay is our favorite.  The sand is always warm and soft and there is always a nice breeze.  The water is always strikingly blue and relatively warm at about 72 degrees or more. The other thing we like is the lack of crowds.  On our particular section of the beach there were no more than 10 people within a 1/4 mile section.  There are usually a good number of surfers to watch as well which keeps things entertaining.  We certainly can relate to the beginners struggling to catch a wave and wearing themselves out because they are getting slammed and yet not being patient enough to rest and wait for better waves.  The really good surfers make it look easy and are simultaneously both graceful and powerful on their boards.  I am always excited to watch both groups and disappointed that I can’t be out there getting beaten up by the waves myself.  M and wisdom have taught me that being a spectator is the better choice for me.

Tonight we are trying some Ono from a fish market in Hanalei.  The market is on the back side of a restaurant called the Dolphin.  Hopefully it is just as good as our usual fair.  I am confident enough in the chef to predict that it will at least be edible.  We hope all is well back home.