5/1/15 – Friday

Today I decided to include a video of the interior as requested.  It is a very quick run-through but it will give you an idea of our palace. I also had to make it quick because I didn’t know how much video my phone could store.

M and I ventured off script today and instead of going for a run and then a leisurely breakfast we went straight for the leisurely breakfast.  The run has been rescheduled for tomorrow morning.  As for breakfast we decided to drive back down the road to Kapaa and try out the Olympic Cafe.  It is definitely a touristy type place, but we found it to be quite satisfying with large portions which as you all know is key for me. M had a scramble with lots of veggies and I had a simple omelet with bacon, cheese and avocados.  Oddly enough after sleeping in as much as we did this morning, the breakfast made us both a bit groggy so we opted to come back to the house and occupy the lounge chairs on the deck until lunch.  It is a rough life we are leading.

While on vacation we make it a point to hit the beach every day since beaches in Summit county are few and far between and not near so nice as the ones here in Kauai.  Going to the beach is actually quite a process since we take plenty of time to liberally apply sunscreen before heading out.  So far my application of sunscreen seems to have worked better than M’s since she is quite burned in some spots.  Those burned spots are where she applied her sunscreen and the non-burned parts are where I applied her sunscreen.  This misapplication on M’s part also spreads to me since my burned parts are the parts where M applied sunscreen.  I would fear this as some evil plot on M’s part but since she is more burned than me I feel that is unlikely.  

This afternoon we kept to that rigorous demand of going to the beach every day and made it back down to the exact same spot we staked out yesterday.  We recognized it because the coconuts we used yesterday to weigh down our towels were still in the same spot.  As per usual the beach was amazing.  Definitely warmer in the afternoon but the water cools you right off and makes soaking up more sun bearable.  Plus we are determined to not let this time of sunshine go to waste especially since we understand there may have been a bit of snow in Summit county today. Yuck!

Last night we had some Ono from the Dolphin fish market in Hanalei cooked by chef M. The fish was good, but I can report that one should not have a raspberry vinaigrette on their salad when eating fish.  The sweetness really messes up the flavors.  This mishap was my fault since I picked out the dressing but now we know!

That is all for now.  Hopefully tomorrow’s blog will be more entertaining.