4/29/15 – Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the jungle, we have sun and shade.  For those not into 80’s Hair/Metal bands that was a little tribute to Gun’s n’ Roses.  I decided to title today’s blog, “Welcome to the Jungle” because of the place we are staying.  If you want to see a little about what I mean, surf on over to VRBO.com and look for 3786 Punahele Road, Kauai, HI.  Also try Sh’Zen which is the actual name of the house where we are struggling to abide.

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12/13/13 – Boarding Again

 It is nice to know that the weather forecasters in Canada are just as bad as the ones in Colorado.  A one inch prediction of snow turns into three inches and 2 inches turns into 6 inches.  I am sure the opposite is true as well, just as it is in Colorado.  Since there was a fair bit more snow than predicted, M and I decided to take advantage and head back up to Revelstoke Mountain Resort again today.  It turned out to be a very good decision.

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12/10/13 – Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Steamboat claims to have very good “champagne” powder.  I can now tell you that Revelstoke has powder so dry and light that it was barely able to fall to the ground.  We awoke this morning to a solid 8 or so inches of brand new snow on top of whatever we had yesterday. There is a street light just outside the house that allows us an excellent view of what the weather is doing at night or in the pre-dawn darkness.  As I watched the snow out the window this morning, I had the impression that it was struggling to sink because of its lightness. 

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12/9/13 – Vacation Day Part 2

Today began a bit earlier than expected as Moose has not yet learned time change correction math.  He has been studying diligently, but subtracting an hour from his normal get up time has him stumped.  He and I managed to make our way down the street about a quarter of a mile to the Revelstoke greenbelt, which for those of us in Colorado is called a bike path.  An inch or so of new snow had arrived overnight, but Moose and I were able to navigate through it without too much difficulty.  Being as this was a new place for Moose and I, there was much sniffing to be done and many p-mails to leave along the way.  Moose is fairly cautious in new places though and we did not get quite as far down the path as I would have liked before he made us turn around and head home.

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12/8/13 – Revelstoke, BC

After many miles traveled, M, Moose and I have made it to Revelstoke, British Columbia, which is in Canada for those of you who may not recognize the name.  We left Frisco on Friday and drove to Billings, Montana which is a surprisingly big place, but more on that in a bit.  For those who have never driven up I-25 very far, let me be the first to tell you that the word barren doesn’t even come close to describing how empty the country-side is along that particular route.  A colleague of M’s told her it would be beautiful with “all the rolling hills.”  The problem with rolling hills is that they all look the same, and they look even more the same with a nice coating of snow.  Driving 500 or so miles through rolling hills covered with snow is like driving on a treadmill.  You feel like you are sitting still and the landscape outside the car is moving as opposed to the other way around.  I could go on about how boring it was but that would make this email much like our trip to Billings.

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4/30/13 – End of the Road

Today we decided to go and hike the trail at the end of the road.  When I say end of the road, I mean that with all literalness.  If you tried to keep going you’d have to have an amphibious vehicle because the ocean is right there in your way.  We decided to park in the parking lot and go for a hike rather than keep driving as we were fresh out of amphibious vehicles and driving your normal car into the ocean is frowned upon.

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4/29/13 – Perfect Day

There are not an over-abundance of perfect days.  One might come across one every now and then, but certainly not so often as to be able to call them commonplace.  Some perfect days are obvious, like getting married, or winning a game.  Some are more subtle.  In fact one could miss them if they were not paying attention.  Today was of the latter sort.  We got up early as per usual and exercised.  Today was different though because M had found a new route on which to run, or in my case walk.  It was quite nice to have some different scenery to view as the bike path through Princeville, though excellent, can get old after a time.  This particular road led us by a different golf course and through a neighborhood that contained some what I shall call more “normal” housing.  Once through that neighborhood however the housing changed again back to beyond most people’s means. Those houses do make one dream as they seem to be perfect in every way.  Architecturally beautiful, well thought out and in the most spectacular location, location, location.  Of course it is beneath them to have any pricing or info on the “For Sale” signs, but if one has to ask, one most certainly cannot afford.

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4/28/13 – Big Day

Today began with an early breakfast.  Mainly because we have found that neither of us can sleep beyond about 5:30 am although we purposefully stay in bed just due to the principle of the matter.  We did want to get an early start though because we had decided to head down to the south and west part of the island and we had no idea how long it would take to get there.

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4/27/13 – Lazy Days

Today was a lazy day but it was not without some productivity.  We started with some fairly vigorous exercise and then our usual leisurely breakfast.  For the first time in many years of coming here we finally made it down to the Hanalei farmer’s market.  The place was packed and parking was hard to find even though we got there about 10 and it had just opened at 9:30.  There were mostly white folk selling stuff and not as many natives as I expected.  I think though that transplants out number natives up here on the North Shore.  This lack of natives did not detract from the many excellent wares for sale.  As usual, although this still baffles me, there were just as many crafts for sale as there were foodstuffs.  I have noticed this at every single farmer’s market we have ever attended.  Nevertheless this farmer’s market did not disappoint.  There were many fresh veggies and fruits and more importantly, Island Sol bakery which makes lots of really good gluten free foods.  We bought a couple of pizza crusts and some gluten free cookies from them along with veggies and fruits from other vendors.

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